A Wine
You Have

A Tasting Where Wines Are Paired With Shakespeare’s Brilliant Poetry Interactively Presented By An Actor and A Sommelier

A Wine Tasting
With A Twist

You have booked wine tastings before. You might have found they all looked and felt the same. Introducing a wine tasting, where the emotions raised by the Sonnets are paired with the qualities of the wines.

– As featured in ‘Master of Malt’

A perfect marriage between expertly sourced fine wines and a curated selection of The Bard’s beautiful sonnets.

Unique entertainment

The interactive Shakespeare and Wine wine tasting sessions are led by a sommelier and an actor, inviting your party to experience an exceptional pairing between poetry and wine, to dive deep into the emotions on a journey teasing all the senses.

Expert pairing

For each occasion our creative team comes together and carefully curates the Sonnets to match the characteristics of the presented wines, based on the emotions the words and the taste inspire.

The well-known treats

Nevertheless, the Shakespeare and Wine wine tasting experience provides all the well-known treats of a regular wine tasting to your attendees with various options of nibbles and even a sushi table if you wish, seven types of wines including welcome drink and a sweet closer.

About your experience

A regular wine tasting and much more

During the tasting guests will learn the basic techniques of the wine tasting process, details about the production of the wines, the winery and an expert analysis of the taste. In addition they are going to expand their knowledge in Shakespeare’s life and his relationship with wine, love and jealousy.

„The atmosphere is extraordinary. Amazing night!”
– Michele, guest

Choose the package that most suits the occasion

Three options to ensure your event is as tailored to your specific needs as possible; with a varied selection of food options, grape variety, source of wines and hosts to choose from. All packages contain seven wines in total to taste, including a welcome drink and a sweet dessert wine as closure.

Silver Package

  • The wine tasting is presented by a Head Sommelier of a London restaurant and a Shakespare actor introducing carefully sourced wines from smaller wineries of Europe in addition to cheese and meat boards, tapas, artisan bread and dip selection or mini Italian dishes as nibbles.

Gold Package

  • The wine tasting is led by a Head Sommelier from a Michelin Star London restaurant or renown wine bar presenting carefully selected wines from smaller wineries around the globe accompanied by region-specific cheese and meat boards, grilled vegetables selection, quiches or traditional Italian gorgonzola.

Platinum Package

  • The Shakespeare and Wine wine tasting is presented by a Master Sommelier or celebrity sommelier accompanied by an internationally acclaimed Hamlet-actor sharing with your attendees carefully curated speciality wines from around the world off the tracks of the regular choices completed with nibble sharing boards of the specific region, premium sushi bar or home-made Italian gorgonzola selection.

“The taste of the finest Gorgonzolas freshin the memory, the mind just a little hazyfrom the wine but cheerfully elevatedby the Bard.”


– Nick Harman, Foodepedia

About the wine

Each occasion is different as we specifically source products from smaller, less-known wine producers from Italy, Spain, France, Argentina and even Japan, among many other countries. It is important to us to ensure as we are presenting new flavours at our wine tasting even to the seasoned wine lovers we are supporting these smaller local labels.

Choose your venue
as you wish

The Shakespeare and Wine wine tasting experience is suitable for up to 30 attendees at any venue of your choice, wine bar, restaurant, function room; even your own office space. If you wish, we are more than happy to choose a restaurant in Central London from the list of our collaborative partners to match your experience to the atmosphere and include the venue hire in your package.

Compare the packages

Find the most suitable for your occasion

Not the usual type of entertainment

“What makes Shakespeare and Wine special to me is the relaxed and stimulating conversation between the sommelier, actor and us, guests.”


– Matthew, Guest

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All packages contain

  • Interactive entertainment led by a sommelier and an actor
  • 7 types of wines including welcome drink
  • Various accompanying nibble selection options
  • Expertly paired wines with Shakespeare’s Sonnets
  • Training session of the professional tasting techniques
  • Unique atmosphere at a venue of your choice
  • A fantastic, relaxed conversation

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