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Shakespeare and Wine is a product of Coin Events, a London-based event company producing live entertainment with a taste of theatrical touch. The company is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning theatre group specialising in interactive shows of classics and performing all around the world since 2014.

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What type of audience the tasting is for?

Any audience you wish to amaze. The Shakespeare and Wine tasting is an unseen experience even for the most seasoned wine-tasting lover. Based on the intimate atmosphere it is perfectly suitable for a potential prospect, key client or higher leadership and advisory board entertainment meanwhile for companies with smaller head count it is a unique choice for a financial year closing award ceremony or Christmas party.

What elements are the same compared to a traditional wine tasting?

All elements of a traditional wine tasting are included in the Shakespeare and Wine tasting experience. Your guests are going to learn the basics of how to taste the wines, which nibbles are matching most with each grape variety, also they are going to discover the production process of the wines, insightful details about the vinery and expert analysis of the taste.  

What is included in all packages?

All packages feature seven wines in total including a welcome drink and a sweet closer. One nibble option of your choice is part of every package, as well as a sommelier and an actor as the co-hosts of your event. All package prices include the setup, cutlery, crockery, parking and transport costs within Greater London. For events outside Greater London, extra mileage cost is calculated based on the distance.

Can I customise my package?

The Silver and Gold packages are fixed price sets with the listed features, containing one of the nibble options of your choice.

The Platinum package is fully customisable, you can include additional nibble options, request specific wines or even grape varieties we are going to the source (subject to availability). Please get in touch with one of our project managers and discuss your needs.

Why is the attendance capped at 30?

Based on previous experiences we concluded that 30 guests are the most suitable attendee limit for this type of experience. The event is a conversation between the sommelier, the actor and the guests and we would like to make sure everyone is receiving the same attention and involved in the tasting.

We are over 30 guests; can I book for two groups on the same day?

We usually recommend splitting the attendees into groups of 30 and booking multiple sessions at the same venue on the same day. Usually, we accommodate a maximum of three sessions on the same day with a break of one hour between each session.

Can you perform in our office?

Absolutely. We can bring the decoration of the event to your office space and create the atmosphere there. The only necessity we will need is access to a sink and tap water before and during the event. In case of a setup in your office please calculate two hours of preparation time before the tasting while we require the space without any disruptions or walk-through traffic.

Can I request a specific wine?

Sure, you can, we try to do our best to source it for you globally and include it in the line-up at your event. Please be aware that specific wines and grape varieties require a longer lead time we are going to inform you about alongside the quote in advance as soon as we found a supplier. Unfortunately, there are specific territories and grape varieties that are subject to availability despite we are trying our best to bring your special wine to the table.

Can you provide vegetarian or vegan nibble options?

All packages contain vegetarian or vegan platters. We are also accommodating allergy requests, please make sure that you are requesting these amendments before accepting the quote.

What are the payment terms?

After we came to an agreement over the quote, in case the tasting includes any custom elements or special requirements, 50% of the full amount is payable in advance to secure the date and 50% is payable based on the invoice sent after the event.

What happens in case we must reschedule our booking?

We are trying to make it work, however, due to the busy schedule of the performers we can only accommodate rescheduling requests on a case-by-case basis, not later than two weeks prior to the date of the tasting. If you need to reschedule your date or time, please get in touch with our team immediately.

What happens in case we must cancel our booking?

We have a no-question, full refund policy for five working days after the deposit is paid. After the five working days passed you are still able to cancel your booking (the 50% deposit amount is not refundable) up to seven working days before the event. Within seven working days, the full amount is payable due to the preparation of the ingredients, the shipping, storing of the wine and scheduling of the staff.

In the unlikely case we must cancel our booking and cannot reschedule, can we keep the wine?

Of course, we are happy to ship your wine for free to any UK mainland address.

Can you perform the tasting outside of London?

Yes, not a problem, upon providing the quote calculated mileage is going to be included in the total figure.

Can you perform abroad?

We can, to discuss further details and logistics please get in touch with one of our project managers.

Can we post on social media photos made at the event?

Absolutely, we are happy to see guests enjoying the experience. We also have an in-house photographer if you require to take professional photos in the first half of the tasting.

Reach out to one of our project managers to build together your tailored Shakespeare and Wine experience